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World’s tallest indoor climbing wall

In another superlative achievement, the United Arab Emirates will be home to the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall, as well as the biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber.

Part of indoor adventure venue Clymb Abu Dhabi, the new experiences are set to open on November 29. The climbing wall, called The Summyt, will be 141 feet high, but there are five walls of varying heights to accommodate guests of all experience levels. At 104 feet high and 32 feet wide, the flight chamber will be the world’s widest, and will also cater to people of all experience levels — from 3-year-olds to professional skydivers.

But if you’re not into hair-raising activities, there are several cafes and shops in The Summyt to keep you entertained.

The Clymb, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Photo: Miral

Located on the attraction-packed, man-made Yas Island, Clymb is just as impressive from the outside as it is from the inside. The angular, multi-faceted structure looks straight out of the future.

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