CellPoint Mobile Raises $14 Million for App Services: Travel Startup Funding This Week

The Emirates mobile app, which is partly powered by tech from CellPoint Mobile, which has just announced that it has received financing. Emirates Skift Take: CellPoint Mobile, which helps airlines and other travel companies run their mobile apps more effectively, has received $14 million in investment. The move underscores the ongoing venture capital interest in … [Read more…]

Anthony Bourdain travel list

Anthony Bourdain did what many of us aspire to do — travel the world for a living. In an October 2015 post on the now-defunct listicle site Li.st, Bourdain noted five places around the world with, as he so eloquently put it, “No high fiving bros, oligarchs in Speedos, binge drinking soccer fans, (or) tour … [Read more…]

Anthony Bourdain’s favorite hotels

If there’s one thing to learn from Anthony Bourdain’s hit CNN travel docuseries, Parts Unknown, it’s that good travel experiences should be anything but cookie-cutter. He taught us to seek out hand-crafted meals and throw any notion of a comfort zone to wind, showed us and that there are few occasions not improved by a … [Read more…]

TripAdvisor Pressured Into Making Additional Reforms to Support Sexual Assault Victims

Change.orgpProtesters gathered outside TripAdvisor’s New York City offices on May 15. In the interim, Tripadvisor has taken additional steps to promote traveler safety. Change.org Skift Take: If you think protest is futile, then you’re wrong. Petitioners didn’t think Tripadvisor went far enough to promote traveler safety, and they got the travel website to take stock … [Read more…]

Skift Forum Europe Video: AI and Personalization – The Next Stage in Travel Marketing

Skift Take: Artificial intelligence was a hot topic at this year’s Skift Forum Europe in London. In this video recap from the event, we learn more about how Tinyclues is helping travel brands like Thomas Cook use AI to deliver more personalized shopping and buying experiences to customers at scale. — SkiftX Read the Complete … [Read more…]

Phoenix to Grand Canyon road trip

If you’ve come all the way to Phoenix from another point in the world, then you absolutely must take a day to visit the Grand Canyon, the natural wonder of the world Arizona is known for. Formed by a geologic erosion in the desert, showcasing different rock layers, the canyon’s sheer size at 277 miles, … [Read more…]

Traveling during hurricane season

Traveling during hurricane season is a mixed bag. Generally, you’ll get cheaper flights, cheaper hotel rooms, and emptier beaches than you would during calmer times of the year. But it also means your vacation could be canceled or, worse, interrupted by a vicious storm. Travelers tell horror stories of getting stuck on Caribbean islands for … [Read more…]

AirAsia’s Expansion Into Online Travel Draws Skepticism From Potential Competitors

Aireen Omar, deputy group CEO for technology and digital at AirAsia speaking with Skift Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan at Skift Forum Asia in Singapore on May 27, 2019. Richard Lau / Skift Skift Take: It’s obvious that executives from Booking, Expedia, and Rakuten are laying odds that AirAsia won’t be very successful in striving … [Read more…]

Visit Deadwood, South Dakota

Usually, when gunshots ring out in the middle of the street, it’s not the sign of a good vacation. That was my first thought, at least, when my evening stroll to happy hour was interrupted by an enormously loud “BANG” that made me jump straight up in the air. U-Shaped Memory Foam Rebound Travel Pillow … [Read more…]

American social lives peak at 23

No one said making new friends was easy, but apparently, the phenomenon of “not making new friends” is something of an epidemic. A study by OnePoll and Evite, which polled 2,000 American adults, found that no one had made a new friend in the past five years. The study concluded that age 23 was the … [Read more…]