World’s loneliest elephant will move

The animal welfare group Four Paws announced Saturday that a world-famous elephant will be moved out of the Pakistan zoo where he had been held and relocated to better conditions. Kaavan, the elephant, had been kept at Islamabad’s Marghazar Zoo for the past 35 years in what has been described by the animal rights group…… Continue reading World’s loneliest elephant will move

Urban wildlife amid COVID-19

During the early months of the pandemic, anecdotal accounts of changes in animal behavior started popping up in Los Angeles. Locals and city staff noticed a more prominent presence of bobcats, coyotes, mule deer, and other mammals on LA’s hillsides while bird song and frog croaks ratcheted up along the Los Angeles River, as well…… Continue reading Urban wildlife amid COVID-19

Wild animal encounters in the US

Have you ever gone on an outdoor adventure with the hopes of finding fantastic beasts, only to see fellow tourists around every turn instead? For wildlife lovers, this is an all-too-common occurrence. Searching for animals in their natural habitats can be frustrating and, in popular tourist destinations, fruitless. The alternative is visiting a zoo, but…… Continue reading Wild animal encounters in the US

Where to see New Zealand wildlife

Third eyes. Birds with a taste for ovine flesh. Lost creatures rediscovered. Wildlife in New Zealand can be adorable, wacky, heroic, and, often, all three at once. From forest floors and soaring alpine skies to cavernous fjords and coastal waters, an assortment of habitats have spawned one-of-a-kind species — though their well-being is strained by…… Continue reading Where to see New Zealand wildlife

Wildlife watching Patagonia

For nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts, South America’s Patagonian territory is often listed near the top of bucket-list destinations. The southernmost regions often get the most coverage for noteworthy places like Torres del Paine. While Patagonia’s mountains, glaciers, and icefields are spectacular, Patagonia in fact sprawls an astounding 402,000 square miles across two countries and…… Continue reading Wildlife watching Patagonia