Name origins of big US states

However familiar a name might be, if you repeat it enough times it will start to sound a little ridiculous. That’s usually because we don’t know where names come from, and that’s especially true when it comes to the names of cities. We use them so frequently that city names become part of our everyday … [Read more…]

Cities to visit for fall outdoors

Fall is about a lot more than foliage and football. The weather isn’t quite drop-dead freezing in the more seasonal parts of the country, and since kids are in school and tourism has slowed, it’s prime time to enjoy the outdoors. To figure out which places, exactly, are best for enjoying the brisk fall weather, … [Read more…]

Oldest city in every state in the US

“Old” is kind of a relative term. This both applies to children who refer to people in their 20s as “old” and to Americans who refer to anything built before World War II as “old.” Our country is pretty young, by global standards, but even though we may not have been around for millennia, every … [Read more…]