TSA Labor Day numbers

Despite the ongoing pandemic, people are showing their increased willingness to travel. With lockdowns lifting and a semblance of normal life slowly returning, TSA just reported a record number of passengers passing through security checkpoints this Labor Day Weekend — the most since March. The Friday before Labor Day (September 4, 2020), TSA reported 968,673…… Continue reading TSA Labor Day numbers

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TSA’s $1 million in unclaimed cash

Finding a lost $20 bill on the street feels like winning the lottery. Now, imagine how the TSA must be feeling after collecting almost $1 million in unclaimed funds during the last fiscal year. The lotto-sized figure includes both domestic and foreign currency, in paper bills and change, that was left behind at airport security…… Continue reading TSA’s $1 million in unclaimed cash

Airport Mailers ships TSA items

TSA agents could probably start a pretty interesting museum with all the items they’ve seized from passengers in security lines. Now, however, those items won’t just disappear into TSA’s abyss of confiscated goods but can actually be mailed back to you. Airport Mailers has been around since 2003, but it’s in the midst of establishing…… Continue reading Airport Mailers ships TSA items