Kelowna, BC’s epic ski destination

Imagine yourself with a hot buttered rum in hand, sitting in front of the fireplace, skis melting on the porch. You’re deep in the mountains of British Columbia, less than five hours east of Vancouver. The landscape around Kelowna looks like a big ‘ol bowl of fresh milk — earlier this morning, you were putting … [Read more…]

Booking Holdings and Expedia in Arms Race to Deliver the Connected Trip

Travelers check an information monitor as weather causes flight cancellations and delays during a winter storm in Boston, Massachusetts, February 5, 2014. Dominick Reuter / Reuters Skift Take: From the wishful thinking and hype of years ago, the connected trip is beginning to draw real investment and to become a thing. It will take a … [Read more…]

What Utrip’s Tragic Final Year Can Teach Other Travel Startups

Shown here Utrip CEO Gilad Berenstein during a visit a few years ago to Facebook’s offices in San Francisco. Utrip Skift Take: What makes Utrip’s collapse eye-catching is that the company had the makings of becoming a respectable, if not a sensational, business. A timeline of the company’s strategic decisions and failed attempt to get … [Read more…]

If Only Vacation Planning Were Just Another Project to Manage on Trello

Trill boards are being used to collaborate and plan vacations. Pictured is an MGM property in Las Vegas. Bloomberg Skift Take: It’s often true that the best ideas or inventions for travel are those that originate outside the sector. Could this be one? — Deanna Ting Slim Leather Travel Passport Wallet Holder RFID Blocking ID … [Read more…]