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Dr. Ruth sex advice for vacations

Dr. Ruth is worried about you. In her new, fourth edition of Sex for Dummies, the world’s most renowned sex therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, has devoted an entire chapter to the overwhelming loneliness of millennials. And she is out to show them all how to end it. “We have to sound a warning,” she says. […]

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Brexit causes fruit picker shortages

Brexit is affecting many aspects of daily life in the UK, and some are more surprising than others. The apple-picking industry, for example, has suffered a major blow amid the Brexit uncertainty. As more EU nationals leave the UK due to concerns about stricter immigration checks following Brexit, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has warned […]

Booking Sites Digital travel trends trends roundups’s European Flight Partnership and 16 Other Top Digital Stories This Week

A Ryanair plane prepares to land. launched a flight partnership in seven European countries. Jeroen Stroes / Flickr Skift Take: This week in digital news, has launched a flight partnership in Europe, but travelers still have to go through a third-party site. Meanwhile, Agoda is starting to offer flights without the hassle of […]

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Agoda Is Starting to Offer Flights to Take On Rivals in Asia

Agoda’s office entrance. Skift Take: Flights are the next big thing for all of Booking Holdings’ accommodation platforms, not just but Agoda and Priceline in Asia. In the region, where super-apps have taught consumers they can book everything on one app, and where even airlines want to be online travel agencies, it isn’t surprising […]

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July Raises $7 Million for Better Luggage: Travel Startup Funding This Week

From left: Shown here are the co-founders, Richard Li and Athan Didaskalou of Melbourne-based luggage maker July, which was one of several travel startups that announced collectively more than $21 million in funding this week. July Skift Take: Melbourne, Australia-based luggage maker July was one of several travel startups that announced collectively more than $21 […]


LGBTQ guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the oldest and most celebrated epicenters of queer culture in the US. There’s been a whisper in the Barbary Coast wind saying “go West, gay man” ever since the 1840s and ‘50s when the Gold Rush enticed men to follow a yellow-brick road towards California. Nearly 95 percent of San […]

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Tamworth Distilling Graverobber rye

Sometimes the most fun thing about a superstition is tempting fate and going against it. In the early 2010s, Jamie Oakes, master distiller at Tamworth Distilling, was tapping the maple trees at Great Hill Farm near Tamworth, New Hampshire. The procession of maples he was working on included some trees that were more than 100 […]

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Did Airbnb’s Contrarian Narrative Just Get Messed Up?

New reporting on Airbnb suggests its finances might not be as neat and tidy as it hopes to present ahead going public, with operating losses doubling in the first quarter. Lulu Yilun Chen / Bloomberg Skift Take: Airbnb is on a path toward spending as much as $2 billion in sales and marketing in 2019. […]

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Best chicken strips in Miami

Buffalo may have the wing, but in Miami, we’ve got the strip. Not strip clubs. Not “the strip” along Ocean Drive. Chicken strips, the deep-fried, often-breaded bar-food favorite that you can eat in Miami unlike anywhere else in the world. No, we didn’t invent the chicken strip, nor did we perfect it. But you can […]

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What is Portugal’s Festa do Avante!

Cruising past the Ponte 25 de Abril, which, when I squinted, could have been the Golden Gate Bridge I’d left back home, I wondered if my passport might burst into flames. I was going to a communist festival in Amora, Portugal, hardly the sort of festival I’d envisioned myself attending during my summer in Lisbon. […]