10 Reasons the Refract Festival is a Must-See

From October 17-20, the inaugural Refract: The Seattle Glass Experience will take place in and around Seattle. If you’re curious about what this is, and whether you should plan to attend (the answer is yes!), read on. First, a little background. The Seattle area has long been known as one of the top centers in the … [Read more…]

French Riviera on a budget

There’s plenty of fun to be had yacht cruising, casino crawling, and celebrity spotting, but the luxury and flashiness of Monte Carlo and Cannes represents a tiny, clichéd fraction of the South of France. Beyond the red carpet of the film festival, Nice’s Promenade des Anglais, and the Grimaldis’ Palace, there is a region filled … [Read more…]

Bikini Atoll beer prompts backlash

Texas-based Manhattan Project Beer Company is facing backlash following the release of a new beer named after Bikini Atoll, the site of numerous nuclear tests in the wake of World War II. Pacific Islanders who found the name offensive or insensitive called out the company on Twitter, and the Marshall Islands government weighed in disapprovingly. … [Read more…]

Delta Sues Chatbot Vendor Faulted for Data Breach

Delta Air Lines planes. The carrier is suing a tech vendor, [24]7.ai, for a breach of data affecting 825,000 passengers. Angus Mordant / Bloomberg Skift Take: Many grandmothers have tighter password security than tech vendor [24]7.ai allegedly did. A hacker had an easy time accessing the vendor’s code, and through it, the payment card data … [Read more…]

Where to see grunge music in Seattle

The less than flattering term “grunge” dates back to at least 1981, when a young high school student named Mark McLaughlin was describing his band, Mr. Epp and the Calculations, in the now-defunct Desperate Times magazine. The man who would later replace his surname McLaughlin with the edgier Arm referred to his band as “pure … [Read more…]

Surfing tourism in Nicaragua

As I shuffled toward my seat in the back of the plane on a recent trip to Nicaragua, I was surprised by the faces that looked up at me as I passed. My earlier trip to the country in 2016 had been at the height of its tourism boom. During that time, a flight bound … [Read more…]

Avis’ Digital Partnership Strategy and 9 Other Digital Trends This Week

Avis is looking to up its game with digital innovations, starting with partnerships. Avis Skift Take: This week in digital news, we looked at how Avis is stretching beyond the traditional rental car business to offer new digital services, while TripAdvisor began mulling a loyalty strategy to take on giant Google. And we also looked … [Read more…]

Chinese Millennials Turn to Weibo for Trip Planning

Young Asian tourists get ready for an Instagram moment. Chinese travelers turn to Weibo for trip planning. CJ Dayrit / Unsplash Skift Take: WeChat may have eclipsed Chinese social media platform Weibo in recent past, but it can still serve as a key marketing tool for travel brands and destinations that want to attract coveted … [Read more…]

AirPortr Raises $8.6 Million for Luggage Delivery: Travel Startup Funding This Week

A traveler in London uses Airportr, which checks in and delivers bags for flyers. The startup has raised $8.6 million (£7.1 million) in total for its Series A. Airportr Skift Take: Investors have bet on some innovative business models. AirPortr has hand-delivered about 100,000 bags from homes to airports, lifting a worry off the hands … [Read more…]

Best places to travel this October

October was once the month that brought the first chills of winter. When leaves began to change and we started pulling our sweaters out of storage. But it seems the last few years we’ve seen an unusually large number of people in cold-weather destinations posting pictures of themselves in shorts, enjoying a rooftop cocktail in … [Read more…]