Best surf spot in Central America

Central America has long been a hot surf destination for Americans. It’s easy to see why. The tropical region is right in our backyard, there are direct flights, and many of the surf spots exist in thriving, yet somewhat touristy, towns that make traveling convenient and comfortable. Few locations maintain the exotic appeal of surf … [Read more…]

3 Traveller Insights to Keep in Mind when Building a Destination Website

Home » Learning Hub 3 Traveller Insights to Keep in Mind when Building a Destination Website By Paige Rowett Published on February 3, 2019 Destination websites have come a long way over the last couple of years. It wasn’t long ago that destination websites were an online version of their region’s printed guides. But these … [Read more…]

2019 Travel Trends: 3 Must Read Reports for Tourism Brands

2019 Travel Trends: 3 Must Read Reports for Tourism Brands By Rebecca White Published on January 21, 2019 This time of year finds Paige and I searching out the best of the “Trend Reports” for travel, consumer and digital insights for the coming year. While there are many great “2019 Travel Trends” articles circulating, following … [Read more…]

Trip Advisor training – transcript and video recording

New TripAdvisor Features Spotlight Session On February 20, 2019 Fabienne and Liz were joined by TripAdvisor’s own Alanna Green in a live session offering an overview of the latest and upcoming changes being implemented by TripAdvisor to enhance the user experience, highlighting new opportunities for tourism businesses and destinations. Topics covered during this session were: An … [Read more…]

What do to when a disaster or weather crisis caused negative perception of your tourism destination?

Over the last few months, the weather has thrown many curve balls to a number of tourism destinations in Australia. We all know that during such disasters, the media love to share all those ‘click bait’ images, videos and stories that sell newspapers and online media and ensure the disaster is messaged at its worst and … [Read more…]

Hotels Tap New Tech to Clamp Down on Rogue Rates

Shown here is a person checking in at Park Hyatt Guangzhou. Sites like Google are directing consumers to online travel agencies that sometimes undercut hotels on rates that are out of contract. Hotel chains like Hyatt are hiring startups to help them track down these rogue rates. Fornova, one of those startups, has acquired another … [Read more…]

Why Does Traveloka Want to Venture Into Competitive Australia?

Australians love just Bali. Flickr Skift Take: Traveloka is going after a slice of the Australian online travel market. That’s brave. Even though the market is robust, the space is highly competitive and while Indonesia is popular among Australians, travelers still mainly prefer Bali, which is like their backyard. So what has Traveloka to offer? … [Read more…]