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American Horror Story set locales

Sure, there are plenty of haunted houses, haunted hotels, haunted used car lots, and other haunted places to visit for a scare around Halloween. But how many of them were used as filming locations in the creepiest television show ever to air on basic cable? Location scouts for American Horror Story are some of the […]

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Best places to travel this February

February can be a tough month. You’re far removed from the holidays but still a long way from spring. Your New Year’s resolution is probably starting to fizzle out, and Valentine’s Day reminds you that you either have no valentine, or have no idea what to do for your valentine. So, how to take your […]

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Where to travel this December

Stressful as holiday-time travel can be, at least you’re not having to stop at literally every house in the world on a sled pulled by reindeer. So when put in perspective to the kind of trip poor Santa Claus has to make, flying in December should seem downright painless. Which means the only barrier between […]

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Scenic train rides in the US in fall

Wow, where’d summer go? One minute you’re shaking the dust off your inner tubes and the next it’s like, “Hey, where are you parking for tailgates this year?” But don’t lament the end of summer; fall brings the nicest time of the year in many parts of the country — specifically, those parts where trees […]

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Best places to travel this October

October was once the month that brought the first chills of winter. When leaves began to change and we started pulling our sweaters out of storage. But it seems the last few years we’ve seen an unusually large number of people in cold-weather destinations posting pictures of themselves in shorts, enjoying a rooftop cocktail in […]

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Google to Congress: We’re Not a Travel Monopoly

A Google exec argued that travelers begin their travel searches on specialist websites, and not with Google. Robert Scoble / Visualhunt Skift Take: Travelers indeed shop all over the place when they are doing trip-planning. But to downplay Google’s dominant role, as an exec did Tuesday, when travel brands are spending billions of dollars annually […]