Beautiful travel coffee-table books

This year, getting a holiday gift for your travel-obsessed loved ones could be a challenge. They hardly need the ever-practical packing cubes, a shiny passport cover, or a new guidebook to a far-flung destination (unless it’s one of these places). What they need is a mental escape from the fact that they are limited in…… Continue reading Beautiful travel coffee-table books

12 books by black authors to read

Just when the Black Travel Movement was gaining so much speed, we now all find ourselves confined to our houses. While the onset of COVID-19 has put the entire world on the no-fly list, we don’t have to pass this time idly. Instead, we can use these weeks we’ll be grounded to absorb the work…… Continue reading 12 books by black authors to read

Books to look forward to in 2020

Whether you’ve got big plans to travel the world in 2020 or intend to stay put, you’ll need a few good books to keep you company. All those hours waiting in airports, riding on trains, or spent tanning on beach loungers are always more satisfying and entertaining when filled with the written words. And if…… Continue reading Books to look forward to in 2020