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Black and Brown surfing community

When Dionne Ybarra was a young girl growing up in a Mexican farming community of East Salinas, she remembers the occasional trips her family would make to the beach 20 miles away from their home in Central California. While she enjoyed playing in the sand, the ocean itself was something to be feared. It was […]

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Best things about Biarritz, France

France usually conjures up images of fashion, iconic architecture, and cuisine. But in the southwest corner of the country, near the border with Spain, the coastal town of Biarritz is home to something else: a thriving surf scene. Just like the French Riviera, Biarritz offers glitz and glam — but its vibe is a unique […]

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Surfing tourism in Nicaragua

As I shuffled toward my seat in the back of the plane on a recent trip to Nicaragua, I was surprised by the faces that looked up at me as I passed. My earlier trip to the country in 2016 had been at the height of its tourism boom. During that time, a flight bound […]

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The best places to surf in Mexico

With 4,500 miles of Pacific coastline, Mexico is packed with excellent surf spots — with every type of wave and very different vibes at each surf location. You can camp on the beach in Cabo or glam it up at a waterfront villa in Punta Mita. You can be far from the nearest anything in […]