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Moving to Mexico during COVID-19

It was another foggy San Francisco day — or so the windows of my overpriced bedroom told me. I was gazing out over a jumble of swinging power lines, as I so often found myself doing, two computers idling dimly next to me in bed. My newly purchased plant collection and scented candles did very […]

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Solo travel teaches self-reliance

I bought the train ticket to Caen on impulse. I knew exactly one fact about the coastal French town: It’s located just a few miles from the Normandy landing beach where American troops launched their offensive against German forces in Nazi-occupied France. Intrigued by this bit of history, my research ended there. When I boarded […]

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2020 ideas for solo female travelers

No mere trend: Solo female travel is here to stay. Women around the world are getting out of their comfort zones to discover the challenges and rewards of planning and executing a trip all on their own. Solo travel encourages confidence, allows you the freedom to do exactly what you want on a trip without […]

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Solo female travel beyond safety

In 1980, after graduating from New England College, which, at the time, had a sister campus in Arundel, England, my mom traveled across Europe, Morocco, and Israel alone. Born in Germany and raised primarily in Pennsylvania, she was no stranger to international travel. Transatlantic family reunions were common. She’d chosen to pursue her studies abroad, […]

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Traveling solo in your 20s

In my first year post-graduation, I had time, potential, and no clue what to do with myself. The options were endless, and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to travel. The early 20s were a confusing time of life for me, and at the time I had a much better idea of […]