Grand Lake, Colorado, travel

There are two kinds of Rocky Mountain vacations. The first is a pillar of the Colorado lifestyle, where climbing a 14er, off-roading through the forest, and white-water rafting are baseline requirements. The second is a more laid-back experience where lakeside reading and eating ice cream with mountain views doesn’t feel like a wasted day. Grand…… Continue reading Grand Lake, Colorado, travel

Treasure found in Rocky Mountains

In these tough economic times, finding a hidden treasure chest on a casual afternoon hike would be pretty clutch, and that’s exactly what happened for a lucky hiker over the weekend. Last week, someone found a bronze treasure chest hidden deep within the Rocky Mountains since 2010. The chest — filled with gold coins and…… Continue reading Treasure found in Rocky Mountains

Best hikes near the Rocky Mountains

Spring is upon us. The Rocky Mountains and its sub-ranges are beginning to shed snow, colorful wildflowers are in bloom, and hiking trails that have been accessible only to cross-country skis and fat bikes for the past few months are opening up to eager hikers. Spring hiking focuses more on canyons than scrambles and meadows…… Continue reading Best hikes near the Rocky Mountains