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Urban wildlife amid COVID-19

During the early months of the pandemic, anecdotal accounts of changes in animal behavior started popping up in Los Angeles. Locals and city staff noticed a more prominent presence of bobcats, coyotes, mule deer, and other mammals on LA’s hillsides while bird song and frog croaks ratcheted up along the Los Angeles River, as well […]

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Camping for the first time

When my friends ask me to go camping, I usually have an arsenal of excuses ready. “Sorry, I’ll be out of town,” “Sorry, I already have plans,” or “Sorry, I might be getting my wisdom teeth out just for fun.” I have never camped before in my life. The idea always intrigued me, but the […]

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Princess Sofia helping during COVID

You might not be a nurse or doctor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still lend a hand in the fight against the coronavirus. Princess Sofia of Sweden — the wife of Prince Carl Philip — is leading by example, taking a three-day medical emergency training course that will qualify her to volunteer at Sophiahemmet […]

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Venice canals clear amid coronavirus

There aren’t too many silver linings to the coronavirus pandemic, but in Venice, a lack of tourists and boat traffic along the canals is actually having some positive effects. All of Italy is under lockdown due to the coronavirus, meaning Venice, one of the country’s largest tourist attractions, is seeing far less foot and boat […]

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Hotel-hospitals during coronavirus

The hospital-room shortage during the coronavirus spread might be solved by an unlikely savior: hotels. As hospitals in the US and Europe gear up for an increasing number of coronavirus cases, there is a very real fear that there won’t be enough beds to accommodate the new patients. This potential shortage requires a creative and […]