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Rockhounding on the Oregon Coast

Sweeping sandstone capes and headlands, basalt outcroppings dappled with tide pools, sea stacks towering in the ocean. The Oregon Coast is an environment defined by its unique geology — one that contains ancient fossils dating back millions of years and gemstones created by prehistoric lava flows. An explorer with an apt eye can find majestic […]

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Oregon’s Three Capes Scenic Loop

The Oregon Coast has been known as the People’s Coast for over 50 years, ever since the state passed a law granting free and open access to all 363 miles of its majestic beachline. Oregon’s rugged shores are a Pacific Northwest treasure that deserve to be explored in their entirety. Without that kind of time, […]

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Tips for edible mushroom hunting

In Oregon’s coastal forests, hikers enter an ecosystem fed by frequent rain and moderate temperatures, where enormous evergreen trees thrive and support wildlife, mosses, and — most tantalizingly for enthusiasts of both food and the outdoors — several types of edible mushrooms. Mushroom hunting takes hiking to a whole new level. Hiking taken to a […]