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Museum visits in the COVID-19 era

There was a time when avoiding crowds in museums was a challenge. Getting to the Egyptian mummies at the British Museum before everyone else was a nearly impossible feat, and managing to get a peek of the Louvre’s Mona Lisa without hundreds of people blocking your view was the stuff of myths. But since mid-March, […]

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Coolest-looking museums in the world

Museums contain a wealth of knowledge, treasures, and experiences that cannot be had anywhere else. From Egyptian antiquities to interactive digital art to optical illusions, it would be easier to list what you can’t find in a museum. But not all the visual and immersive fun has to be had within a museum’s walls. With […]

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Museums release coloring books

If you’re feeling restless during the coronavirus lockdown, there’s one fun way to keep you busy that does not require any particular craft skills: coloring. Hundreds of libraries and museums have released coloring books based on their popular book collections, available for free download. Since 2016 the New York Academy of Medicine invited libraries, cultural […]