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Warm winter LGBTQ travel spots

If COVID-19 stole your summer dream of dancing to Chromatica in a beachside cabana, welcome to the club. According to data recently collected by Lending Tree, nearly 75 percent of Americans opted out of vacations this past season, and almost half of working people didn’t use their paid time off. Now, as summertime haunts like […]

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‘60s and ‘70s lgbtq travel map

In the 1960s, California businessman Bob Damron started publishing travel guides for the LGBTQ community, covering queer-friendly spaces around the country. He published the pocket-sized Bob Damron’s Address Book annually to fill a void in the LGBTQ travel sphere. Now, historian Eric Gonzaba and co-primary investigator Amanda Regan are using Damron’s guide books from 1965 […]

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LGBTQ guide to Pittsburgh

Over the years, Pittsburgh has been quietly inching out of the closet, gaining more confidence in its queer identity. But despite this fortitude and its advancement into a vibrant hub of cultural, artistic, and academic institutions, Pittsburgh is often overlooked as nothing more than a declining Rust Belt city. Changing this mindset is important as […]

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Asheville, NC, for LGBTQ travelers

Though the southeast, in general, has never been among the most gay-friendly regions in the United States, there are some pockets, namely urban areas, where the LGBTQ community is not only welcomed but also embraced. One such place is Asheville, North Carolina. The southern charm in Asheville is warm and sincere. Being downtown and among […]

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LGBTQ travel in Colombia

Although Colombia has been making great strides in tourism over the last few years, many people don’t realize that it is now one of the hottest LGBTQ destinations in South America. As a result of recent legislation introduced by the government, LGBTQ rights are equal to those of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Consequently, Colombia has […]

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Manchester, England, LGBTQ guide

While Brighton takes the crown for being the gay capital of the UK, Manchester proudly holds the title as the gay capital of the north, acting as one of Britain’s most liberal and accepting cities. With an abundance of queer nightlife options, intense weekend-long events, and the campest drag scene in England, it’s easy to […]

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Best LGBTQ destinations 2020

The world made landmark advancements regarding LGBTQ rights in 2019. Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage, India ended a colonial-era law criminalizing gay sex, and Sweden passed a law banning hate speech related to gender expression. Pride events around the globe honored the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and a reported five […]

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Miami LGBTQ travel guide

Glass skyscrapers rise from electric blue waters, neon-pink lights illuminate Art Deco masterpieces, and the parties only end once the South Florida sun rises over the Atlantic shoreline’s soft bed of white sand. This is Miami — a multicultural melting pot with a long history as a gaycation destination. Aside from must-see spots like glitzy-gay […]

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Los Angeles LGBTQ guide

With pretty boys, palm trees, and perennially sunny days, it’s no wonder traffic is packed bumper to bumper in Los Angeles. From the tops of her canyons to the sandy bottoms of her coastal shores, La La Land has always been the most camera-ready, picture-perfect LGBTQ destination in the US. From epic nightlife to gay-friendly […]

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Best US hotels for LGBTQ travelers

Though it still has a long way to go, the US is one of the best countries to visit for an LGBTQ traveler. Annual events such as the NYC Pride parade draw in huge crowds of both LGBTQ visitors and allies alike. Small towns such as Providence, Massachusetts, are filled with queer-friendly venues, as well […]