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Latina travel influencers

The Hispanic and Latinx population makes up the largest minority group in the US. With a reported spending of $56 billion per year on leisure travel by the demographic worldwide, you would not be wrong to question why there is not a larger representation of Latinx travelers in the industry and travel narrative at large. […]

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Maskless crowds in Santorini

When a country finally reopens for tourism, we like to think tourists are behaving responsibly and that it’s reasonably safe to visit. That unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case on Santorini. Crowds in popular tourist destinations like Santorini are always frustrating, but that’s especially true now that crowds can lead to a COVID-19 outbreak. […]

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Do Travel Influencers Have a Future Now?

Travel influencers are closed for business. Mesut Kaya / Unsplash Skift Take: With the travel industry at a historic low, it’s hard to see how travel influencers may survive. But with people spending more time than ever on their phones, influencers may find themselves with a heightened level of audience trust when travel starts to […]

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Ice cream truck rejects influencers

The tide may be turning for social media influencers — at least as far as soft-serve ice cream is concerned. CVT Soft Serve, a Los Angeles-based ice cream shop that in 2014 threw a “Bill Murray Ice Cream Social” that actually got Bill Murray to show up, posted a jab at the darlings of social […]

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Influencers are ruining landmarks

The old people under the sun shelter were not feeling @bodybyjulezzz*. “The hell she doin’ over there?” a clearly overheated older man in a purple hat asked his wife. “Filming a commercial?” “She’s an influencer,” I told him, unrequested, while I stood behind him and watched. “A what?” he said turning around. “An influencer. She’s […]

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Free Email Course: A Guide to Using Visuals for Travel and Tourism Marketers

Skift Take: Visual content is a must-have for any marketing strategy. But it’s especially important in travel and tourism, where inspiration, awe, and storytelling play a major role. — Read the Complete Story On Skift