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Offensive Indigenous words

Terms that have been appropriated from Native American cultures in North America are pervasive in our society today: Mugs and t-shirts are emblazoned with words like “tribe” and “spirit animal.” The most popular sports teams in the country have names like the Chiefs and the Braves. These terms can be microaggressions that are easily unlearned […]

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Indigenous documentaries

November is Native American Heritage Month. In addition to following Indigenous activists on Instagram and learning about Native food cultures, comprehending the societal and environmental issues facing Indigenous communities is key to better understanding what others of us can do to make the world a more equitable place to live. These seven documentary films offer […]

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Indigenous food and culture

When Renee Gokey was growing up, her Shawnee grandmother cooked large, steaming pots of beans, often with potatoes or fry bread, that were hearty and simple. As Gokey got older, she saw the beans as more than just part of a dish; they were part of her history. Beans, for example, gave her grandmother strength […]