Solo travel teaches self-reliance

I bought the train ticket to Caen on impulse. I knew exactly one fact about the coastal French town: It’s located just a few miles from the Normandy landing beach where American troops launched their offensive against German forces in Nazi-occupied France. Intrigued by this bit of history, my research ended there. When I boarded…… Continue reading Solo travel teaches self-reliance

Wanderful free memberships 2020

In trying times, nothing is more uplifting than watching communities rally. With self-quarantine precautions and government-mandated lockdowns increasing daily to address the coronavirus pandemic, individuals and institutions around the world have found creative ways to maintain some semblance of normalcy and calm, from personal trainers hosting rooftop workouts to the Metropolitan Opera in NYC live-streaming…… Continue reading Wanderful free memberships 2020

2020 ideas for solo female travelers

No mere trend: Solo female travel is here to stay. Women around the world are getting out of their comfort zones to discover the challenges and rewards of planning and executing a trip all on their own. Solo travel encourages confidence, allows you the freedom to do exactly what you want on a trip without…… Continue reading 2020 ideas for solo female travelers

Solo female travel beyond safety

In 1980, after graduating from New England College, which, at the time, had a sister campus in Arundel, England, my mom traveled across Europe, Morocco, and Israel alone. Born in Germany and raised primarily in Pennsylvania, she was no stranger to international travel. Transatlantic family reunions were common. She’d chosen to pursue her studies abroad,…… Continue reading Solo female travel beyond safety

The best tampon alternatives

When it comes to that time of the month, tampons are the go-to option for most. They’re small, comfortable, and easy to use. But they’re not without their drawbacks. Many contain chemicals which, though present in harmless quantities, many people are still uncomfortable about putting in their body. There’s an environmental concern too: According to…… Continue reading The best tampon alternatives