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Post-COVID travel tips

Since March, there has been one word that best describes travel for Americans: uncertainty. Travel restrictions continue to limit movement to help slow the spread of COVID-19 while the list of places travelers can and cannot go is ever-changing. Relatively safer types of travel, like camping and visits to national parks, are surging, but winter […]

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Travel to Aruba during COVID

It has been almost eight months to the day since we were first mandated to shelter-in-place. Since then, I have become a stay-at-home-mom/preschool teacher/daycare provider/personal chef/house manager… you get the point. Throughout lockdown, I could feel myself pushing away my wanderlust and telling myself that I did not miss travel — the idea of missing […]

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Latin America travel during COVID

The world isn’t as open to US citizens right now as it was nine months ago, but nonetheless, our travel prospects are looking much better than they were this spring. Although much of Europe remains off-limits, several countries in Asia have slowly started to welcome back US visitors, and many other countries around the world […]

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NYC-London travel corridor plans

Those thirsting for European travel may not have to wait too much longer. US officials are looking to open a travel corridor between New York and London as early as the holiday season, citing the increased availability of COVID-19 tests in the US. A Homeland Security official revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the […]

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Where can US citizens travel in Asia

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still far from over, some countries have introduced effective measures to limit transmission and are once again welcoming tourists. US citizens and residents don’t have as many travel options as they used to, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nowhere they can go. Several Asian countries have already opened […]

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When can US citizens visit Europe?

The number one question on everyone’s lips right now is “when will this pandemic be over?” The number two question (probably) is “when can we travel to Europe again?” On March 17 the EU passed a travel ban prohibiting international visitors from entering Europe for 30 days. Since then, the ban has been renewed every […]

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US travel to Mexico during COVID-19

Traveling in the era of COVID-19 can feel more like navigating a complex puzzle designed to make you feel stupid. Each country has different rules and regulations governing international travel and tourism, to say nothing of the myriad safety protocols you must keep in mind upon arrival. For US travelers going abroad, it’s especially difficult […]

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Colombia reopening flights

Colombia is planning to slowly resume international flights starting on September 21. Like many countries around the world, Colombia closed its borders to international tourism back in March. Also like many countries, the country is eager to find a safe way to reopen and take advantage of tourism demand. According to Minister of Transport Angela […]

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United map of where you can travel

Figuring out where you can and can’t travel these days is a bit like trying to solve a puzzle that grows new pieces every three seconds. Until the pandemic fully subsides, knowing where you can go and what the restrictions are is going to be difficult, but United Airlines is trying to make it easier […]

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Mexican resorts 20-year giveaway

The 2020 travel scene has been a bit strange, but some Mexican resorts are trying to make up for it with a very generous giveaway. Hotel operators along Mexico’s Caribbean coast are partnering to give away an all-inclusive vacation for two every year for the next 20 years. The two winners will be able to […]