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How climate change impacts chocolate

If there is one undeniable truth, it’s that humans around the world love chocolate. But like so many of the foods people love and consume on a regular basis, chocolate as we know it is threatened by climate change. That could mean price hikes in the short term or completely new chocolate regions in the […]

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Chocolate dust covers Swiss town

Chocolate lovers have long dreamed of it, and Switzerland has made it a reality: Chocolate falling from the sky is now a thing. In the Swiss town of Olten, the residents have experienced the whimsical phenomenon of a chocolate snowfall. Particles of fine cocoa powder spread around town on Friday after the cooling ventilation of […]

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Chocolate retailer child labor score

When you’re unwrapping a chocolate bar, you probably don’t want to stop and think about how that bar was made, where the chocolate comes from, and whether the process involved child labor. The unfortunate truth, however, is that much of the chocolate you consumed this holiday season was likely produced with child labor. Child labor […]

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Ethical chocolate company scorecard

You may think that when it comes to chocolate, there’s no such thing as a bad decision. But the chocolate brand you choose to patronize matters a lot. According to the US Department of Labor, over two million children in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire work in hazardous conditions growing cocoa and make less than $1 […]