Nine essential digital marketing trends for tourism business entrepreneurs

Posted on 17th April 2019 Whilst there is very little in life that is guaranteed for tourism business entrepreneurs, one thing that is certain is that technology is going to continue to develop at an increasing rate and will continue to change our world and how we operate our businesses. Whilst computing capacity continues to … [Read more…]

Seniors Market – transcript and video recording

Seniors Market Spotlight Session On April 5 2019, Liz was joined by Bronwyn White, CEO of New Young Consulting, in a live session offering insight into the 50+ travel market. She discussed the needs, values & attitudes of senior travellers and how to develop a marketing strategy to bring them to your tourism business. Topics … [Read more…]

Extended Reality Technologies – transcript and video recording

Extended Reality Spotlight Session On March 7 2019, Fabienne was joined by Gavin Crombie, CEO of Digital Frontier, in a live session offering insight into how extended reality technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, can be applied in a tourism setting. Gavin used case studies to demonstrate ways in which these … [Read more…]

Instagram training – transcripts and video recordings

This tutorial holds the video recording and key points for: Instagram Panel Session (15 March 2019) 1. Instagram Panel Session On 15 March 2019, we welcomed Hannah Statham, the director of Media Mortar and Despina Karatzias, the CEO if Institute of Excellence, for a live panel session on Instagram for tourism businesses with Tourism Tribe’s … [Read more…]

Trip Advisor training – transcript and video recording

New TripAdvisor Features Spotlight Session On February 20, 2019 Fabienne and Liz were joined by TripAdvisor’s own Alanna Green in a live session offering an overview of the latest and upcoming changes being implemented by TripAdvisor to enhance the user experience, highlighting new opportunities for tourism businesses and destinations. Topics covered during this session were: An … [Read more…]

What do to when a disaster or weather crisis caused negative perception of your tourism destination?

Over the last few months, the weather has thrown many curve balls to a number of tourism destinations in Australia. We all know that during such disasters, the media love to share all those ‘click bait’ images, videos and stories that sell newspapers and online media and ensure the disaster is messaged at its worst and … [Read more…]