Black travel in 2021

The travel industry was dealt an immeasurable blow in 2020; with planes grounded and travel posing a real threat to containing the coronavirus, nonessential travel, even for those who travel frequently or full-time, became dangerous, irresponsible, and, in some places, impossible. But now, with vaccines starting to roll out in several countries, we are collectively…… Continue reading Black travel in 2021

Best Black-owned resorts

If you’ve made a commitment to buy Black or otherwise support the Black community, you may want to combine that effort with your vacation planning. While the travel industry is still expanding to allow for and embrace Black travelers and Black travel entrepreneurs, there are still plenty of choices for your resort season jaunt in…… Continue reading Best Black-owned resorts

What is the Black Travel Alliance

What began as a series of Zoom calls for Black and Brown travel content creators at the height of the pandemic transformed into the Black Travel Alliance (BTA) — a group working to amplify Black voices. Bloggers Jeffrey Jenkins and Gabby Beckford hosted weekly masterminds to help keep each other inspired and share opportunities during…… Continue reading What is the Black Travel Alliance

Nomadness Black travel survey

Travel lifestyle brand NOMADNESS Travel Tribe has launched a survey for travelers of color to help get their voices heard on a huge scale. The NOMADNESS Diversity in Travel Consensus seeks to compile input from diverse travelers across the diaspora to influence the industry and prove their spending power through hard data. The survey is…… Continue reading Nomadness Black travel survey

Audacity Digi and Black travelers

For many Black Americans, travel has long been an odd-defying act of resistance. While we travel for luxury and leisure, there are many nuances to the Black travel experience. For some, travel is a way to create new realities outside of the widely traumatic and often fatal truths we face at home. Though we carry…… Continue reading Audacity Digi and Black travelers

Black American abroad during COVID

“Hey, are you good? Trump is saying Americans need to come back home.” This is what my friend Ryan texted a couple of weeks ago. He’s a black American, originally from Miami, but is studying in Tokyo. For a second I wondered if this was by some kind of decree, and I furiously texted him…… Continue reading Black American abroad during COVID

What it’s like to be black in Japan

“All they do is paper here,” says Ryan DeVon, a black American graduate student at Soko University in Tokyo, Japan. “You want to change your address? New phone number? New parking sticker? Whatever it is. Everything is paper.” We laugh together about the bureaucracy that Japan is particularly famous for. Though I am aware of…… Continue reading What it’s like to be black in Japan

12 books by black authors to read

Just when the Black Travel Movement was gaining so much speed, we now all find ourselves confined to our houses. While the onset of COVID-19 has put the entire world on the no-fly list, we don’t have to pass this time idly. Instead, we can use these weeks we’ll be grounded to absorb the work…… Continue reading 12 books by black authors to read

Best cities for black travelers 2020

The Year of Return has come to an end, and whether or not you were able to make the pilgrimage, it remained a cultural phenomenon, sweeping the diaspora worldwide. This celebrity-studded, year-long event was created by the Ghanaian government to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first African slaves arriving at Jamestown, packaged in an…… Continue reading Best cities for black travelers 2020