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Ruby Bridges Selena Gomez Instagram

Ruby Bridges, the first Black student to integrate into an all-white elementary school in the South, took over Selena Gomez’s Instagram account on Sunday to share some never-seen-before footage of this historic day. In 1960, Bridges enrolled at an all-white school in New Orleans and was famously escorted into the school by US Marshals as […]

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Anti-racism protest in Germany

Protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd haven’t just been contained to the United States. This weekend, what is believed to be the largest turnout of Black Lives Matter protesters outside of the US took place in Germany. Over 15,000 protesters gathered in Alexanderplatz, in Berlin’s city center, in acknowledgment that racial discrimination and […]

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Protesters adorn White House fence

Amid the Black Lives Matter protests raging on the streets of Washington DC, the White House is increasing its security measures. Apparently, that means erecting a temporary metal fence in front of the White House lawn, creating a stark barrier between presidential residence and protesters. The two-mile mesh fence has been criticized by everyone from […]

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Feeding Black Lives Matter activists

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, a black man allegedly murdered after a police officer knelt on his neck for eight minutes after arresting him for (again allegedly) using a counterfeit $20 bill, the entire country rose up to protest police brutality. These demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement […]

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‘Just Mercy’ free to stream in June

In the wake of the George Floyd murder and the protest against police brutality, people are looking for new ways to educate themselves about race issues in the US. Warner Bros. is doing its part to make this education easier, making its 2019 civil rights drama Just Mercy free to stream on digital platforms this […]

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Support Black Lives Matter online

People around the world have felt a sense of helplessness after the unjust killing of George Floyd in Minnesota on May 25. There are many active protests that rally support for the Black Lives Matter movement happening in the US and internationally, but protesting isn’t the only way you’re able to help the cause. Protesting […]