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Zac Efron YouTube travel show

Some pretty big Anthony Bourdain-sized shoes are in need of filling, and someone you might not expect has stepped up to try and do it: Zac Efron. Efron has started a vlogging channel on YouTube and a video series called “Off the Grid,” featuring himself and his brother Dylan on travel adventures around the world. […]

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Best canal barge cruises in Europe

Barge cruises haven’t exactly come barging onto the travel scene. They’ve been around since the 1960s, when flat-bottomed cargo ships from the pre-railroad era were prettied up and repurposed as floating hotels. But until recently, they’ve been the little guy of the European cruise industry, mostly popular with in-the-know luxury travelers. It’s fitting that the […]

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Tips for edible mushroom hunting

In Oregon’s coastal forests, hikers enter an ecosystem fed by frequent rain and moderate temperatures, where enormous evergreen trees thrive and support wildlife, mosses, and — most tantalizingly for enthusiasts of both food and the outdoors — several types of edible mushrooms. Mushroom hunting takes hiking to a whole new level. Hiking taken to a […]

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Best things to see and do in Tunisia

A trip to Tunisia promises a first-hand look at a country proud of where it stands in the region and in the world. Tunisians, who had massive street protests and an attack at their famed art and history museum in the last decade, have entered an era of peace that is, as hope here has […]

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Abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park

This Wizard of Oz theme park, which opened for six days last June, is back again for the 2019 summer season. The Land of Oz park is located on North Carolina’s Beech Mountain and originally opened in 1970. It wasn’t as popular as expected, and the gates closed 10 years later, eventually gaining notoriety for […]

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The best LGBTQ travel companies

As a queer traveler, planning a vacation that will be equal parts captivating and safe can prove to be incredibly difficult. And, while it may have seemed like a far-off dream just a few decades ago, there are now, with just the click of a button, a plethora of LGBTQ travel companies offering an endless […]

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Newest airports in the United States

No nation loves to complain quite like the United States. Even though we’ve got people from all over the world trying to move here every day, we’ll still take to social media any chance we get to gripe about everything from slow pizza delivery drivers to overpriced coffee. But nobody gets the brunt of the […]

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Equipped for adventure: Conrad Anker

Lifestyle 5 ways to stay physically equipped for adventure Kitt Doucette Mar 30, 2019 Outdoor Ice climbing with Conrad Anker Kitt Doucette Mar 31, 2019 Lifestyle 5 ways to keep yourself mentally equipped for adventure Kitt Doucette Mar 31, 2019 Over the last 30+ years, Conrad Anker has climbed some of the most remote, dangerous, forbidding, and beautiful […]

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How to see wolverines in Washington

When you tell folks that you’ve volunteered with a group that monitors wolverines in the North Cascades, their response is usually one of confusion. No, they don’t think you’re busy saving mutant X-men with retractable claws. They are amazed, though, that wolverines — stocky animals in the weasel family that look like small, bushy-tailed bears […]

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Best things to do in Guadeloupe

“Most people, they think we’re in f**king Mexico,” my guide laughs over rum punches on my first night in Guadeloupe. “Like we’re gwa-da-LOOP-ay or something.” Such is the struggle of Guadeloupe (pronounced gwa-da-LOOP), the French Caribbean island that sits smack in the middle of the Lesser Antilles near St. Maarten and Dominica. AKA nowhere near […]