Museum, zoo, and aquarium overnights

Ben Stiller had us all a little jealous. Like, how cool would it be to get trapped in the American Museum of Natural History and spend the night conversing with Teddy Roosevelt and a T-rex skeleton? Terrifying, yes, but still very, very cool. Sadly, odds are all those exhibits will never actually come to life,…… Continue reading Museum, zoo, and aquarium overnights

Best trek in Peru

A trek up the magnificent mountains of Peru is a life-changing experience. I set out to trek a lesser-known route to Machu Picchu as well as its remote surrounding regions. Due to its intense difficulty, the 35-mile expedition along the Ancascocha route is not well-known — meaning you may find yourself alone there. Trails wind…… Continue reading Best trek in Peru

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French Riviera on a budget

There’s plenty of fun to be had yacht cruising, casino crawling, and celebrity spotting, but the luxury and flashiness of Monte Carlo and Cannes represents a tiny, clichéd fraction of the South of France. Beyond the red carpet of the film festival, Nice’s Promenade des Anglais, and the Grimaldis’ Palace, there is a region filled…… Continue reading French Riviera on a budget

Bikini Atoll beer prompts backlash

Texas-based Manhattan Project Beer Company is facing backlash following the release of a new beer named after Bikini Atoll, the site of numerous nuclear tests in the wake of World War II. Pacific Islanders who found the name offensive or insensitive called out the company on Twitter, and the Marshall Islands government weighed in disapprovingly.…… Continue reading Bikini Atoll beer prompts backlash

Where to see grunge music in Seattle

The less than flattering term “grunge” dates back to at least 1981, when a young high school student named Mark McLaughlin was describing his band, Mr. Epp and the Calculations, in the now-defunct Desperate Times magazine. The man who would later replace his surname McLaughlin with the edgier Arm referred to his band as “pure…… Continue reading Where to see grunge music in Seattle

Best outdoors in Himachal Pradesh

The mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh, located in the northern tip of India, is an adventurer’s paradise in every sense of the word. From rafting through the cold desert valley to flying high above the majestic Himalayan ranges to mountain biking or motorcycling on one of the world’s most dangerous roads and trekking in the…… Continue reading Best outdoors in Himachal Pradesh

Oldest city in every state in the US

“Old” is kind of a relative term. This both applies to children who refer to people in their 20s as “old” and to Americans who refer to anything built before World War II as “old.” Our country is pretty young, by global standards, but even though we may not have been around for millennia, every…… Continue reading Oldest city in every state in the US

Best fall things to do in Whistler

Often dwarfed by snowy winters and glorious summers, fall is arguably Whistler’s most underrated season. With the long thaw complete at the highest peaks and the first snow of winter yet to arrive, fall is the best time to explore this lovely mountain town. An explosion of reds and oranges adorns the backcountry, clear at…… Continue reading Best fall things to do in Whistler

How to visit Rason, North Korea

North Korea needs no introduction. For most, it’s an unthinkable destination in the current political climate, constantly covered with controversy, and a secretive state where United States citizens are currently prohibited from visiting unless they have a special exemption, which is covered below. Yet you might be surprised to know that the majority of the…… Continue reading How to visit Rason, North Korea