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LAX to ban ride shares from curbside

The convenience of booking your ride from the airport as you swipe your gear from the baggage claim at LAX and head towards the exit will come to an end on October 29. As of that date, Uber and Lyft drivers will no longer be permitted to pick up passengers curbside outside of the airport’s […]

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History of pumpkin beer in America

There are few things we can be sure of in this world. One of them is that pumpkin beer will take over the shelves of American grocery stores from October to November, and then disappear just as quickly. This doesn’t happen in other beer-loving countries, making it a beloved (or hated) tradition that’s special to […]

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What are electric mountain bikes?

Electric mountain bikes, or eMTBS, are the high-altitude version of the pedal-assisted e-bikes you’ve seen cruising through hipster neighborhoods for the past few years. These trail runners have a similar battery pack and motor like their big-city brethren. Likewise, they’re also capped by a governor that prevents the rider from going full-bore down a trail […]

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Best things to do in Crested Butte

Crested Butte doesn’t have the flashy main street of other Colorado mountain towns like Telluride or Aspen. Although it was intended to be a mining town, Crested Butte never struck the precious metals that some of these other mountain sites throughout the state found. Instead, it relied on an economy based around coal. Instead, Crested […]

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Intrepid Travel stops elephant rides

Animal welfare is increasingly top of mind for modern travelers not wanting to see their tourism dollars used for exploitative profit. In Southeast Asia, elephant riding has taken center stage. Reports of “elephant breaking,” the violent process of taming and domesticating an elephant for commercial use, made their way to the public eye in 2014 […]

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Best things to do in Izmir, Turkey

While Istanbul is rightly lauded for its rich history and culture, the Turkish capital shouldn’t be the only city you visit in this vast and fascinating country. The city of Izmir, on a bay in the Aegean Sea, is an excellent place to base yourself if you’re planning to visit the ancient ruins of Ephesus, […]

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Best cheap hostels under $30 a night

Aspirational travel can be more like reality than you think. Sure, that 19-star safari lodge and the private island in the Maldives might be a little out of your price range right now, but the experiences those luxury accommodations facilitate can be had for a much lower price. We consulted with Hostelworld to find everything […]

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David Chang calls out ethnic aisle

David Chang is a celebrity chef, TV host, and the proprietor of iconic restaurants like Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City. He’s also an outspoken advocate for cuisines that are underappreciated and misunderstood in America. His latest crusade is against the so-called “ethnic” aisle at the supermarket. On a recent episode of his podcast, […]

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Tea bags may release microplastics

Tea is often considered to be a healthy drink option, but you probably never considered that your tea may actually actually contain billions of harmful microplastics. According to a new study in Environmental Science & Technology, some premium tea brands are packaged in plastic pouches with a silky quality, and these bags can break down […]

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Christmas market tours in Europe

America’s version of “Christmas markets” seem to either be heavily decorated department stores or amusement parks that replace Santa with slightly sketchy carnies. That’s why to really get the mulled-wine and gingerbread feel of Christmas, you need to cross the pond and visit the centuries-old Christmas markets of Europe. This, of course, is not exactly […]