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Denver Airport Beer Passport

Airport drinking isn’t usually an activity to plan around. You do it to pass the hours while waiting for your flight, to give yourself a better chance of dozing off in the air, or to keep yourself from getting bored while on the plane itself. In Denver, however, drinking in the airport is about to […]

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Best things about Biarritz, France

France usually conjures up images of fashion, iconic architecture, and cuisine. But in the southwest corner of the country, near the border with Spain, the coastal town of Biarritz is home to something else: a thriving surf scene. Just like the French Riviera, Biarritz offers glitz and glam — but its vibe is a unique […]

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Best Disney travel films on Disney+

With the recent release of Disney+, many people have signed away their credit cards and their next few weeks as they binge watch everything the new streaming service has to offer. Not only does Disney+ have the typical House of Mouse offerings, such as Disney princess and Marvel movies, but the wide-ranging selection is also […]

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Helsinki for Wes Anderson fans

Helsinki tends to evoke little more than a cold, isolated, and boring Nordic outpost. But if you look a little deeper, a whimsical and slightly offbeat vibe come through in its aesthetic. The Finnish capital’s East-meets-West atmosphere (due to the nation having been part of Russia and Sweden through its history) complements its Finnish functionalism, […]

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Makeup Museum in New York City

The first-ever museum dedicated entirely to makeup is coming to New York City next year. The Makeup Museum will be centered on the history of beauty and its impact on society. The museum’s first exhibition, scheduled to open in May, 2020, will be an installation called “Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America,” which will explore […]

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best ski resorts in North America

The absolute best places to ski in North America this winter Photo: Visit Park City Ski resorts from Vermont to California to British Columbia are slated to open for the season at the end of November, which means it’s time to start making those winter skiing and snowboarding travel plans. While there are plenty of […]

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Water vapor found on Europa

Scientists have just made major progress in their search for alien life. Europa, one of Jupiter’s 79 moons, has long been the frontrunner for celestial bodies potentially housing water — and, therefore, life — and now we’re closer than ever to proving that true. For the first time ever, NASA scientists have measured the presence […]

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Pre-Soviet-era Ukranian dishes

For too many people, Ukrainian cuisine boils down to borscht. And while the beetroot soup is hands down a staple, there’s more to the country’s cuisine, which was largely created by farmers and peasants in need of hearty meals. Down-to-earth and filling, Ukrainian food is rich in root veggies, grain, pork, and dairy. Stewed for […]

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World’s tallest indoor climbing wall

In another superlative achievement, the United Arab Emirates will be home to the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall, as well as the biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber. Part of indoor adventure venue Clymb Abu Dhabi, the new experiences are set to open on November 29. The climbing wall, called The Summyt, will be 141 feet […]

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LGBTQ travel in Brighton, England

The seaside city of Brighton, located between the rolling hills of Sussex, is one of the UK’s premier LGBTQ destinations. Brighton’s queer history dates all the way back to the early 19th century when soldiers were garrisoned in the city during the Napoleonic wars. By the end of the second World War, several gay pubs […]