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Traditional South Africa food

Archbishop Desmond Tutu coined the term “rainbow nation” in 1994 to describe post-apartheid South Africa. Today, the country’s colorful culinary scene has flourished, matching its cultural richness. “We always call ourselves the rainbow nation, and it’s like a rainbow of cuisine,” says Portia Mbau, chef and owner of The Africa Café in Cape Town. “South […]

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US Go Everywhere Pass

A new tourist pass, released on December 10, could make the perfect holiday gift this year for yourself or another traveler, particularly if a cross-country road trip in the United States is on the docket for 2020. It’s called the Go Everywhere Pass, and it offers admission to museums, aquariums, and tours in 14 cities […]

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Harry Potter and other themed igloos

Spending the winter in an igloo might not sound like the most appealing pastime, but when those igloos are on the beach, and come with warm blankets and other luxurious amenities, the proposition is a bit more enticing. Gurney’s Montauk and Gurney’s Newport are setting up themed igloos at their Hamptons, NY, and Newport, RI, […]

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Why you should visit Italy in winter

Winter is an ideal time to visit Italy and some of its most popular cities. Cities to the north fill with Christmas markets to rival Germany’s while those of the south indulge in unique festive traditions. Parades, lighting displays, and atmospheric streets keep visitors outside while the dearth of tourists in museums and indulgent winter […]

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How to plan a van road trip

You don’t have to quit your job or sell all your worldly possessions to experience the #vanlife. Heck, you don’t even have to buy or refurbish a van yourself. You can actually rent the #vanlife, which for the purpose of avoiding cultural appropriation we’ll call “taking a van-cation.” But know, dear reader — this type […]

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Demanding spiritual experiences

There are types of spiritual experiences that come easy, and then there are those for which casual spirituality seekers need not apply. The latter are diverse but have some key ingredients: physical and mental effort, retreat from modern distractions, and a change in routine. But they also offer a special something that levels up from […]

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Skiing under the northern lights

Beyond the Arctic Circle, the upper regions of Finland, Sweden, and Norway are magical in winter. They’re ideal locations to view the aurora borealis, Earth’s best light show. In the coldest, darkest months, the night sky frequently glows with dancing green, purple, and white lights above the snow-covered landscape. While this all sounds lovely, for […]

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Best US small towns for Christmas

It’s that time of year when you get home, plop yourself down on the couch, and start scrolling through your phone while a Hallmark Christmas movie plays in the background. And what you might miss while ignoring the screen are the fantastic holiday settings many of them inhabit, from classic old homes to charming town […]

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Miami LGBTQ travel guide

Glass skyscrapers rise from electric blue waters, neon-pink lights illuminate Art Deco masterpieces, and the parties only end once the South Florida sun rises over the Atlantic shoreline’s soft bed of white sand. This is Miami — a multicultural melting pot with a long history as a gaycation destination. Aside from must-see spots like glitzy-gay […]

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The best easier hikes in Nepal

A figure in a snowsuit so puffy it conjures images of the Michelin Man trudges slowly through knee-deep snow. His frozen nose is black with frostbite, and with every breath, more ice crystals form on his massive, rugged beard. Suddenly, there’s a loud crack and a deafening rumble. Avalanche! It’s scenes like this that come […]