Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown

There are a painful number of clichés about “home.” Home is where the heart is. Home is where your stuff is. You can never go home again. I’ve never found any of them to be particularly true. Home, I think, is where your memories are. The highly filtered memories of an easier, simpler time you … [Read more…]

Modern history of Israeli wine

For much of the world, Israeli wine is associated with kosher wine. At best, it’s associated with family and tradition. At worst, it’s relegated to something sweet and cheap. Yet millennia before France, Italy, and Spain became go-to countries for good wine, Israel was a world-class wine-producing region. Now, it’s reclaiming its position. Israel is … [Read more…]

The best banks for travelers

It’s important to have easy access to your money when traveling abroad. While the days of traveler’s checks and long bank queues are mostly gone, ATM and foreign transaction fees can still cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, as more and more banking is done online, managing your money while traveling is getting easier. Helpful technology … [Read more…]

The best places to surf in Mexico

With 4,500 miles of Pacific coastline, Mexico is packed with excellent surf spots — with every type of wave and very different vibes at each surf location. You can camp on the beach in Cabo or glam it up at a waterfront villa in Punta Mita. You can be far from the nearest anything in … [Read more…]

American teenagers suspected murder

After last week’s tragic murder of an Italian military police officer in Rome, photos have surfaced of the suspect previously posing with a large knife on social media. Official reports reveal that Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Christian Natale Hjorth, two American tourists aged 19 and 18, had an altercation with two undercover officers of … [Read more…]

US-Mexico border wall seesaw

With all the political discourse surrounding the US-Mexico border, a whimsical giant seesaw might be the last thing you’d expect to find there. A new interactive art installation, however, has indeed been built at the border fence that separates Sunland Park, New Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. The project was designed by Ronald Rael, … [Read more…]

Chili to be grown in outer space

Outer space isn’t exactly the most hospitable environment for botany, despite what the movie The Martian would have us believe, but this lucky New Mexico chili plant, selected by NASA, gets to be launched to the International Space Station in March 2020. The chili, from Española, New Mexico, will be part of NASA’s research on … [Read more…]

Luxury hotels with in-room gyms

The gym was sucking me in, like a siren of spinning luring me from my hungover appointment with a Mimosa. Waking up earlier than I’d wanted after a long night out in Chicago, my plan had been to continue the party with some Champagne leftover from the night before. But the in-room gym at the … [Read more…]

Cheap things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is certainly not a place that comes to mind when you’re looking for an affordable vacation. Residents and travelers alike know the capital of Denmark is one of the world’s most expensive cities. I’ve even met San Francisco residents here complaining about the prices. So when I found out I’d be spending the summer … [Read more…]

Best fitness gadgets for 2019

With the best intentions, a healthy lifestyle is a year-round commitment. But the truth is that fitness tends to change with the seasons. Different variables such as weather, health, commitments, hobbies, and travel can impact our lifestyle hugely. Yet with these long sunny days and so many reasons to get outside, now is a great … [Read more…]