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Michelob ULTRA travel job

Drinking and driving is bad, but driving around the country at the behest of a beer company is good. Michelob ULTRA is launching a search for a Chief Exploration Officer (CEO), which comes with the enviable duty of traveling the country to explore the US’s most beautiful national parks. Oh yeah, and you get paid […]

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Qantas’ Outback ‘flight to nowhere’

On the face of it, a “flight to nowhere” sounds like a lose-lose proposition. You pay a bunch of money, show up at an airport, board a plane, fly around for seven hours, and end up right back where you started. That’s a travel horror story, not a desirable vacation. But in the bizarro world […]

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Marriott partnering with NPF

Right now, the hospitality industry and public lands need to work together more than ever. That’s why Marriot Bonvoy just announced a marketing partnership with the National Park Foundation (NPF), the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. The partnership includes the unveiling of a new dedicated travel planning website that makes it easy […]

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How to find additive-free tequila

Wine drinkers seek out regional wines because each tastes of the place it was made. The soil, the climate, the traditional practices: All of these things help define, say, a Bordeaux wine from a Napa wine. The same can be said for many things we eat and drink — including tequila. Yet for years, there’s […]

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Beautiful astronomy photos of 2020

The annual Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, organized by the Royal Museums Greenwich, invites astrophotographers to submit their best photos of the wonders of the universe. Thousands of astrophotographers from around the world submitted their best pictures this year, and the winners of each category have just been announced. From almost-unbelievable northern […]

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Contest to redesign Taiwan passport

Passport covers aren’t always creative, but Taiwan’s New Power Party is trying to change that. The political party held a “We are Taiwan” Passport Cover Design Competition to rethink the country passport and the results are in. The competition was a response to a recent resolution passed by the island’s parliament calling for a passport […]

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What are traditional Inuit tattoos

Editor’s note: The term “Inuit” is broadly used to refer to Native peoples from the circumpolar Arctic in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Though “Iñupiaq” and “Yupik” are the comparable terms for Native Alaskans, the use of “Inuit tattoo” in this article reflects the language commonly used by Native tattoo artists throughout the Arctic region. Holly […]

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Best public lands in the eastern US

Western states get the buzz for outdoor recreation, but for the upcoming Public Lands Day, we’re calling on those of you east of the Mississippi to prove it doesn’t have to be that way. This holiday — happening on Saturday, September 26 — commemorates our right to roam and should be celebrated with at least […]

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Colombia reopening flights

Colombia is planning to slowly resume international flights starting on September 21. Like many countries around the world, Colombia closed its borders to international tourism back in March. Also like many countries, the country is eager to find a safe way to reopen and take advantage of tourism demand. According to Minister of Transport Angela […]

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2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography

Usually, we think photography is all about capturing the weight of a serious moment. The fateful second a cheetah springs toward its prey or the shivering arctic fox curling up to stay alive. Well, sometimes we just need photography that makes us laugh. That’s where the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards come in. Founded by professional […]