Dog-friendly hotels around the world

Dogs are part of the family, and as that group dynamic has evolved, it’s only natural that our vacationing style has too. More of us are traveling with pets, and to meet this demand, hotels around the world are not only catering to this market, but they’re also creating a whole new genre of doggy-lux. … [Read more…]

Why follow the Camino de Norte

Since the 1990s, the medieval pilgrimage El Camino de Santiago has seen a resurgence in popularity, seeing over 300,000 pilgrims a year. It’s not surprising why this pilgrimage has become so popular. It’s easily accessible with diverse route options, luggage transportation services, and various accommodation types, from hostels to elegant inns. However, over-tourism is becoming … [Read more…]

Ultimate guide to uphill skiing

If you’ve visited a ski resort in the last few years, you may have noticed signs stating “uphill access point” near the base. While riding the chair to your favorite runs, you might also have casually looked down at the skiers on the run below and noticed a few going against the grain — sliding, … [Read more…]

Things to do in eastern Turkey

Beautiful coastlines, fascinating archaeological sites, and a vibrant blend of cultures make Turkey, a country straddling Europe and Asia, one of the world’s most unique destinations. However, nearly all of its best-known tourist sites — Istanbul, the Ephesus ruins, Mediterranean seaside towns — lie in the country’s west. In comparison, Turkey’s eastern half remains a … [Read more…]

How to ski the Big Sky resort

Wild, untamed, and home to some of the gnarliest lines you can ski from a chairlift. Such is the lore of Montana’s Big Sky Resort, which had piqued my interest — as a big-mountain snowboarder and adventurer — for more than a decade. I came to Montana to find what seems to be rapidly disappearing … [Read more…]

20-year-old WI cheddar for sale

In the wintertime, it’s always a good idea to stock up on emergency food in case of a sudden blizzard. Few foods are more comforting than cheese, and now you can purchase 500 pounds of 20-year-old cheddar. Wisconsin cheesemaker Tony Hook is now ready to sell his 20-year aged cheddar at $209 a pound. Half … [Read more…]

What to do in Boston’s Little Italy

It sounds like something a drunk Red Sox fan would scream outside Yankee Stadium to incite a riot. “The best Little Italy is in Boston” isn’t just an inflammatory remark meant to piss off New Yorkers — it’s a sentiment familiar to many who have visited the small neighborhood in Boston’s North End and enjoyed … [Read more…]

Worst cities for bed bugs

“Don’t let the bedbugs bite” is a saying so cliche it’s almost lost all meaning, but that doesn’t mean bed bugs aren’t a real issue in many cities across the US. Indeed, according to a ranking of the top 50 US cities for bed bugs by pest control company Orkin, the bed bugs are biting … [Read more…]

Manchester, England, LGBTQ guide

While Brighton takes the crown for being the gay capital of the UK, Manchester proudly holds the title as the gay capital of the north, acting as one of Britain’s most liberal and accepting cities. With an abundance of queer nightlife options, intense weekend-long events, and the campest drag scene in England, it’s easy to … [Read more…]

Best romantic couples trip ideas

It’s hard for couples to spend quality time together within the routine of work and home duties, and the standard dinner-and-a-movie combo gets old before long. The best way to have fun together and leave all the boring, everyday humdrum behind is to go on a trip, away from it all, and plan some cool … [Read more…]