International student ban lawsuit

After the Trump administration passed a new directive threatening to expel international students from the country if their universities don’t offer in-person classes, tech firms, businesses, and universities are banning together to fight the measure. Harvard and MIT have already sued the administration over the new policy, and now they’re being joined by Facebook, the … [Read more…]

Destinations accepting US tourists

Figuring out this summer’s travel restrictions feels like navigating a labyrinth with no ball of thread. At best, it’s maddening. At worst, it’s simply impossible. The public health situation of every country is fluid, meaning concrete reopening dates are as elusive as airline tickets with no cancellation fees. This is incredibly frustrating for those eager … [Read more…]

Garden gnome colonies in the world

For an inanimate bunch, garden gnomes have a tendency to travel. Entire colonies have cropped up in the wild, far from the front lawns they were made to decorate, appearing everywhere from the Australian outback to the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. Liberation fronts, the most notorious of which operates in France, are behind some … [Read more…]

Resígaro endangered language

There are approximately six thousand languages spoken in the world right now, and around five thousand are spoken only by indigenous peoples. Due to geographic isolation and cultural insulation, these languages are often at the greatest risk of extinction. Resígaro, an Upper Amazonian language spoken by the Arawak peoples of Peru, is considered the world’s … [Read more…]

Trump banning international students

The Trump administration just attacked a shining light of our higher education system: international students. In doing so, the administration risks damaging much more than the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe. The move will also hurt US students and our own standing in the world — for … [Read more…]

Comet NEOWISE is visible in July

Usually celestial events are very precise and known years, if not decades, in advance. Not so with comet C/2020 F3, also known as NEOWISE. NEOWISE was discovered in late March and is considered a surprise as very few people expected its arrival. And unlike other celestial events, the comet is not a one-off — it … [Read more…]

US withdrawing from WHO

After months of combative language and dissatisfaction directed at the World Health Organization, the Trump administration is formally withdrawing from the WHO. Today, the administration notified Congress and the United Nations of the US’s withdrawal, which may not be a surprise, but it’s still certainly a devastating blow for a country in the midst of … [Read more…]