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Most beautiful villages in Ireland

The Ireland of our dreams, the one that’s often pictured in rom-coms, is rural. And even though adorable thatched cottages dotting green, rolling hills, or brightly painted houses by the wild Atlantic shore are overly used in televised fictional tales, there’s some truth to them. Dublin, Belfast, Galway, and Cork are all modern, cosmopolitan cities […]

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Best road trips in the UK

There’s a lot of talk about the Great American Road Trip, but in fact, some of the best road trips in the world are in the United Kingdom. Although 40 times smaller than the US, the UK has dozens of epic and diverse road trip routes that will leave a lasting impression — whether you’re […]

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Hawaii is the happiest state in 2020

There’s not much to be happy about in 2020, so measuring happiness might be considered a futile exercise. Talking about the happiest state in the US right now is like talking about the least crusty noodle at the bottom of an old cooking pot, but nonetheless, WalletHub has conducted a study of the 50 states […]

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Chicago arcade bar haunted house

Partying this Halloween is pretty much canceled this year — but not from the confines of our cars. Replay Lincoln Park, an arcade bar in Chicago, is transforming its back alley into a drive-thru haunted house, complete with zombies, demons, and the undead. Guests at the Alley of Darkness will be able to enjoy a […]

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Reality show to send person to space

There’s a new reality show opportunity that will pique the interest of travelers, but only those who are truly intrepid. A production company named Space Hero, Inc. has supposedly managed to book a spot for a civilian on a 2023 mission to the International Space Station, Deadline reports. The amateur astronaut will be selected as […]

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The prettiest small towns in Mexico

Over the past decade, Mexico City has edged its way into the tourism spotlight that’s long shone on resort destinations like Puerto Vallarta and Cancún, exposing travelers to a facet of the country that extends beyond its beaches. Though we love to see the city rake in the recognition it deserves, Mexico’s coasts and capital […]

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Michelob ULTRA travel job

Drinking and driving is bad, but driving around the country at the behest of a beer company is good. Michelob ULTRA is launching a search for a Chief Exploration Officer (CEO), which comes with the enviable duty of traveling the country to explore the US’s most beautiful national parks. Oh yeah, and you get paid […]

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Qantas’ Outback ‘flight to nowhere’

On the face of it, a “flight to nowhere” sounds like a lose-lose proposition. You pay a bunch of money, show up at an airport, board a plane, fly around for seven hours, and end up right back where you started. That’s a travel horror story, not a desirable vacation. But in the bizarro world […]

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Marriott partnering with NPF

Right now, the hospitality industry and public lands need to work together more than ever. That’s why Marriot Bonvoy just announced a marketing partnership with the National Park Foundation (NPF), the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. The partnership includes the unveiling of a new dedicated travel planning website that makes it easy […]

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How to find additive-free tequila

Wine drinkers seek out regional wines because each tastes of the place it was made. The soil, the climate, the traditional practices: All of these things help define, say, a Bordeaux wine from a Napa wine. The same can be said for many things we eat and drink — including tequila. Yet for years, there’s […]