Outdoor guide to Portugal’s Alentejo

Portugal’s Alentejo region occupies almost the entire lower third of the country, save its sunny, southernmost sliver, the Algarve. Home to some of the nation’s finest beaches, this striking region is equally blessed with rolling hills, mountain peaks, and cliffs that plunge into the sea. It’s surprising, then, that most travelers overlook Alentejo’s outdoors in … [Read more…]

Guide to Portugal’s top wine routes

Long eclipsed by French Burgundys and Italian Chiantis, Portuguese wine hasn’t always garnered the attention it deserves, despite the nation’s wealth of vineyards and praiseworthy vintages. Its most iconic wine, port, is fortified with an unaged brandy. Then there’s vinho verde, or green wine, a lightly fizzy, lightly viridescent summer staple from northern Portugal. Add … [Read more…]