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Google Adds Trip-Planning Features for Pandemic-Weary Travelers

A screenshot of a new “free cancellation filter for hotel” feature on Google’s travel-related set of search tools. The feature debuted in August 2020. Google Skift Take: A consumer habit of turning to Google first to look up pandemic-related travel restrictions may help establish Google in their minds as the brand to turn to first […]

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What Trump’s WeChat Ban May Mean for the Travel Sector

An image of a WeChat app user. Many U.S. based travel companies are reviewing an executive order from President Trump that bans WeChat, a superapp owned by tech giant Tencent. Tencent Skift Take: Trump’s ban on the Chinese superapp WeChat may turn out to be a mere annoyance for many Chinese travelers. But it could […]

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American Horror Story set locales

Sure, there are plenty of haunted houses, haunted hotels, haunted used car lots, and other haunted places to visit for a scare around Halloween. But how many of them were used as filming locations in the creepiest television show ever to air on basic cable? Location scouts for American Horror Story are some of the […]

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Mediterranean cruises this August

The US has banned cruising until at least September 2020, with many cruise lines even canceling cruises through the new year, but in the Mediterranean, cruising is making a return on August 16. When Mediterranean cruises return, however, it won’t be for everybody. The cruises will only be available to residents of Europe’s 26-nation Schengen […]