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U.S.-China Tensions Could Roil Internet Usage Rules, Hurting Online Travel: Booking CEO

Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel spoke with CNBC’s Seema Mody on August 7 about the company’s earnings. CNBC Skift Take: All of the world’s consumers and businesses will suffer if governments turn the internet into a “splinternet.” Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel is one of rare U.S. public figures to say this out loud. — […]

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Sabre Preps for a World Where Global Corporate Travel Lags a Broader Rebound

A United Airlines 787 Dreamliner. This week United said it had extended its global distribution agreement where it provides travel agents access to its airfares and other content through the Sabre travel marketplace. United Skift Take: A crisis makes reputations. Sabre’s top bosses have seen the pandemic render useless their old playbook for handling a collapse in […]

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New England state parks

New England has only one national park, Acadia National Park. While beautiful and well worth a visit, Acadia is certainly not the only option if you want to get away for an afternoon or a weekend. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont are each filled with diverse and beautiful state parks where […]

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TikTok cloud bread cooking trend

The short-lived era of the whipped dalgona coffee craze has officially ended. Social media has moved to a new viral cooking trend: cloud bread. This fluffy confection is closer to cotton candy than it is to a starchy loaf, but it might have its roots in the many styles of East Asian bread, popular from […]