Urban wildlife amid COVID-19

During the early months of the pandemic, anecdotal accounts of changes in animal behavior started popping up in Los Angeles. Locals and city staff noticed a more prominent presence of bobcats, coyotes, mule deer, and other mammals on LA’s hillsides while bird song and frog croaks ratcheted up along the Los Angeles River, as well…… Continue reading Urban wildlife amid COVID-19

‘60s and ‘70s lgbtq travel map

In the 1960s, California businessman Bob Damron started publishing travel guides for the LGBTQ community, covering queer-friendly spaces around the country. He published the pocket-sized Bob Damron’s Address Book annually to fill a void in the LGBTQ travel sphere. Now, historian Eric Gonzaba and co-primary investigator Amanda Regan are using Damron’s guide books from 1965…… Continue reading ‘60s and ‘70s lgbtq travel map