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Facebook Users Still Dream of Getaways: Here’s the List of Travel’s Most Popular Videos in June

An image from a trip to Norway on February 6, 2017. Travel brands’ Facebook videos are heavily weighted toward alluring destinations. Tony Armstrong-Sly / Skift Take: With travel to foreign countries still a tepid in many parts of the world, Facebook users are dreaming about vacations. Travel brands, particularly tourism boards and airlines, are […]

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Zolo Raises $56 Million for Co-Living: Travel Startup Funding This Week

Co-living means living with a lot of color, at least in India. Here’s an example of extended-stay lodging from Zolo, a startup based in Gurgaon, India. Zolo Skift Take: Dorms for grown-ups. No-questions-asked travel insurance. Basecamp for “team travel.” FareHarbor for ferries. Games for destinations. And more … — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete Story […]

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Dominican Republic summer 2020

With bright blue sky, turquoise water, and palm trees that softly sway in the breeze, the Dominican Republic is one of the most quintessentially beautiful Caribbean islands to explore. A country where tourism is a huge pillar of the local economy, the Dominican Republic suffered a major loss by closing its borders in mid-March due […]

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Garden gnome colonies in the world

For an inanimate bunch, garden gnomes have a tendency to travel. Entire colonies have cropped up in the wild, far from the front lawns they were made to decorate, appearing everywhere from the Australian outback to the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. Liberation fronts, the most notorious of which operates in France, are behind some […]