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What a New Surcharge From Singapore Airlines Could Mean for Other Carriers

Singapore Airlines is adding a $12 penalty for bookings made on global distribution systems from next year. Skift Skift Take: It used to be just the European carriers that made bold statements like this against legacy distribution giants. Not anymore. — Matthew Parsons Read the Complete Story On Skift

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The Travel Sector Is Retooling Back-Office Payments in Response to the Crisis

Apple Pay is one of the newer forms of payment that travel companies need to accommodate. The travel sector’s slo-mo refund process during the pandemic has upended the dull business of how money is sent and received. Apple Skift Take: The travel sector’s slo-mo refund process has infuriated everyone. So the crisis is upending the […]

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Bavaria Gourmet Trail guide

Crystal clear lakes, dense pine forests, storybook villages, and weißwurst sizzling on the grill — welcome to Bavaria’s Gourmet Trail. As the name suggests, this route is largely devoted to local eats inspired by southern Germany’s long-standing tradition of hospitality and indulgent cuisine. The beauty of Bavaria is that it has plenty to offer year-round. […]

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Española tortoises returned

Fifty-five years ago, the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative gathered all the Española tortoises from Española island in the Galapagos — 12 female and two males — as well as one male kept in the San Diego Zoo, with the hopes that these individuals, the last of their species, would breed and help bring back the […]