TripActions Raises $125 Million for Corporate Travel: Travel Startup Funding This Week

TripActions co-founder and CEO Ariel Cohen, left, with co-founder and chief technology officer Ilan Twig. TripActions Skift Take: The latest batch of travel startups to raise funding has focused on themes of corporate travel, integrating mobility services like airport transfers into travel apps, giving hotels guest engagement tools, aggregating destination experiences, and providing technology for … [Read more…]

BBQ is as a cultural tradition

The word barbecue is as loaded as the average plateful at a backyard cookout. It’s both a noun and a verb. One theory posits that it derives from barbacoa, the Spanish term for the Taíno technique of slow-grilling meat over hot coals. This would plant barbecue’s etymological roots in the Caribbean, but the act of … [Read more…]