Hotel Marketers Prepare for the Death of Tracking Cookies

A traveler takes a photo at a temple. JumpStory Skift Take: You know that hotel ad that appears on every site as you surf the internet? Well, the underlying tech behind it, called the cookie, isn’t long for this world. Neither is the mobile identifier on cell phones that some advertisers also use for tracking. … [Read more…]

Journera Raises $11.6 Million for Data Sharing: Travel Startup Funding This Week

LaGuardia Airport in New York City at sunset. JumpStory Skift Take: Travel startups funded this week include a data exchange platform, a direct booking solution for hotels, an intercity bus service, a listing service for recreational vehicles, a service for virtual experiences, and a ticketing tool for activities operators. — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete … [Read more…]

Anti-racism protest in Germany

Protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd haven’t just been contained to the United States. This weekend, what is believed to be the largest turnout of Black Lives Matter protesters outside of the US took place in Germany. Over 15,000 protesters gathered in Alexanderplatz, in Berlin’s city center, in acknowledgment that racial discrimination and … [Read more…]