Expedia Shareholders Reject Proposal to Require Greater Disclosure of Company’s Political Donations

The U.S. Capitol as seems on January 18, 2017. Expedia shareholders rejected a proposal to provide more transparency about political contributions. Geoff Livingston / Flickr.com Skift Take: Regarding this particular shareholder proposal on increased transparency about political contributions, the stockholder who mattered the most was Barry Diller. But if the political winds in the U.S. … [Read more…]

Travel Industry to Switch On More Automated Processes to Cope With Reduced Staffing

Japan’s Henn na Hotel, owned by parent company H.I.S., has for several years trialed robots at the front desk. H.I.S. Skift Take: Forget animatronic robots. But software that replaces repetitive tasks that white-collar workers do in back-offices, tracking devices that can alert when hand sanitizers are empty, and mobility scooters that drive themselves are some … [Read more…]

Sweden Midsummer live stream 2020

Sweden’s annual Midsummer celebration is one of the country’s most treasured traditions, but this year, the event will prove a bit different as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose health risks and large gatherings are canceled. The holiday isn’t being done away entirely, however. Small outdoor gatherings with friends and families will take place in … [Read more…]