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Airbnb Loses $276 Million and 6 Other Takeaways From Its Fourth Quarter

An Airbnb Plus property in Nashville, Tennessee. Airbnb piled up losses in the fourth quarter of 2019. Airbnb Skift Take: Airbnb’s fourth quarter financials show it is 10 times larger than Tripadvisor. They also provide clarity that Booking Holdings has a long way to go to catch Airbnb in short-term rental businesses. Airbnb’s growing marketing […]

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Airbnb Bookings Nosedive Because of Coronavirus

An Airbnb Plus property in Milan, Italy. Airbnb’s global bookings have plunged because of the coronavirus pandemic. Airbnb Skift Take: Airbnb is subject to most of the same trends that the rest of the hospitality industry is grappling with, whether it be in China, Italy, or South Korea. No big surprise here, although it’s good […]

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A Seattle Native’s Itinerary for Her City

As a Seattle native, it’s been exciting to watch my home change and grow over time. And although there has been a lot of that in recent years, what has remained consistent are the tried and true aspects of the city that make and keep Seattle, Seattle. From a thriving food and drink scene, to […]

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Events canceled due to coronavirus

Uncertainty surrounding the new coronavirus has led many companies, governments, and other organizations to cancel events all around the world. Since large gatherings are believed to be conducive to the spread of disease, people are wary of attending events that draw thousands of attendees. Even in areas where there are only a few cases of […]

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New York City coronavirus closures

Security measures are increasing throughout the United States to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which includes the temporary closing of popular tourist attractions and cultural institutions. New York City has been particularly affected. On Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new ban on gatherings of over 500 people. The Metropolitan Museum of Art […]