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Skift Webinar: Moving Beyond Demographics — Data Drives the Future of Travel Advertising

Skift Take: What does personalization mean in 2020, and what does it look like in a world where customers are becoming increasingly protective of their data? In this webinar, we’ll dive into what intelligent advertising and marketing campaigns can accomplish. — Read the Complete Story On Skift

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One Seattle Native’s Itinerary for Her City

As a Seattle native, it’s been exciting to watch my home change and grow over time. And although there has been a lot of that in recent years, what has remained consistent are the tried and true aspects of the city that make and keep Seattle, Seattle. From a thriving food and drink scene, to […]

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Irish cultural sites in the US

Today, St. Patrick’s Day in the US is synonymous with posting up at the local Irish pub at 3:00 PM, green Jell-O shots, and breaking out that embarrassing green shirt you can only wear once a year. In the drunken haze, we often forget that the holiday is actually a celebration of Irish culture. The […]

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Important former Yugoslavia sites

Before 1992, the countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo were united under one republic called Yugoslavia. Between 1991 and 2001, this region suffered a series of violent secessionist conflicts known as the Yugoslav Wars. In the early ‘90s, the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) worked to combat the secessionist […]