Vacasa Seeks New CEO as Founder Eric Breon Steps Aside

Vacasa founder and CEO Eric Breon spoke with executive editor Dennis Schaal at Skift Tech Forum in San Francisco in June 2019. Vacasa is seeking a replacement for CEO Eric Breon. It has chosen Matt Roberts, former OpenTable CEO, as interim CEO of the vacation rental property management service. Skift Skift Take: Eric Breon grew … [Read more…]

The Many Ways Google Impacts Travel: New Skift Research

Skift Take: No matter where in the travel industry you turn, one company seems to be on everyone’s lips: Google. — Seth Borko Read the Complete Story On Skift

How to learn the basics of Mandarin

There is no language in the world as widely spoken or as ancient as Mandarin. With a written history dating back more than 3,000 years, Mandarin is the oldest written language still commonly spoken today, with around 917 million native speakers throughout the world. But despite its commonality, the potential for heinous mispronunciation and a … [Read more…]

Best singles cities in the US

Singles tend to view Valentine’s Day like losing football teams view the Super Bowl — a tradition they’d rather forget, perhaps even despise, yet would totally embrace if circumstances were slightly different. Well, being single on Valentine’s Day — or any day, for that matter — doesn’t have to be a bitter experience. There are … [Read more…]