What’s Wrong at Tripadvisor?

Shown here is a Tripadvisor store at Toronto airport. Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Scalable Grid Engine / Wikimedia Skift Take: Question: At Tripadvisor, as a controlled company, what mechanisms did minority shareholders have to pressure Chairman Greg Maffei to make dramatic changes? Answer: Relatively few. — Dennis Schaal Slim Leather Travel Passport Wallet … [Read more…]

Hate-Selling in the Age of Google Travel

Attendees watch a presentation during a Google Inc. 20th anniversary event in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Monday, Sept. 24, 2018. The search giant announced a raft of new features at an event celebrating its 20th anniversary. A Facebook-like newsfeed populated with videos and articles the company thinks an individual user would find interesting will … [Read more…]

Isle of Man wants you to ditch cell

If you take vacations for the purpose of relaxing and unplugging, but then find it nearly impossible to stop looking at your phone, the Isle of Man’s “phonebox” concept is right up your alley. In an effort to encourage visitors to be in the moment and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, the island is installing … [Read more…]

New Orleans cuisine told by a chef

When it comes to food, the old cliche of the United States as a melting pot rings true. Nowhere, however, is it truer than New Orleans. There are Haitian, Vietnamese, Italian, Cuban, and Chinese influences in the food of this eclectic city. Classic French dishes get a Southern twist and are then punched up with … [Read more…]