New eBook: Key Strategies to Master Travel Marketing

Skift Take: Capturing the attention of the modern traveler in today’s fast-paced digital world is complex and competitive. Travel marketers must use trusted, accurate, and timely data to build successful campaigns that respond to customers’ increasing demands for personalization. — Read the Complete Story On Skift

Flying, hotels, cruises in 2040

Someday you’ll be able to walk on a plane using nothing but your face. In that same era, you’ll be able to spend some time in your hotel room before you book it, immerse yourself in your destination while still on the plane, and jump in a tilt rotor drone for a business meeting 100 … [Read more…]

Lewis and Clark-inspired road trip

When a plane touches down on a runway and you see a new place with fresh eyes, it’s easy to feel — even for just a moment — like an explorer venturing to a blank space on a map. The first travelers weren’t vacationers booking scuba tours but explorers intent on demystifying what was unknown … [Read more…]