Payment Innovations Pave Way for Future in Travel Plus 6 Other Top Digital Stories This Week

In an increasingly digital world, travel brands need to offer a variety of payment options to buyers to maximize their revenue. brain2hands / Adobe Skift Take: This week in digital news, swiping a credit card to make a purchase suddenly seems dated. In a field rife with options, travel brands should take care to make … [Read more…]

Solo female travel beyond safety

In 1980, after graduating from New England College, which, at the time, had a sister campus in Arundel, England, my mom traveled across Europe, Morocco, and Israel alone. Born in Germany and raised primarily in Pennsylvania, she was no stranger to international travel. Transatlantic family reunions were common. She’d chosen to pursue her studies abroad, … [Read more…]

Books to look forward to in 2020

Whether you’ve got big plans to travel the world in 2020 or intend to stay put, you’ll need a few good books to keep you company. All those hours waiting in airports, riding on trains, or spent tanning on beach loungers are always more satisfying and entertaining when filled with the written words. And if … [Read more…]