How Much Did Big Travel Companies Spend on TV Ads in 2019?

The Trivago 30-second Buffet commercial was the top-performing U.S. national TV commercial among online travel booking sites in 2019, according to Trivago Skift Take: Airlines, hotels, and booking sites have divergent reasons for leaning into or out of TV advertising. Attracting more direct bookers is always a goal, but sometimes competitive reasons, or the … [Read more…]

The least-visited US national parks

The United States got its 62nd national park in late 2019 when White Sands got the designation in December. If you’re jonesing to go check it out, a road trip through New Mexico is pretty easy. But of the 61 other national parks, some aren’t quite so straightforward to get to. They may involve jetting … [Read more…]

‘Netherlands’ declared official name

The debate over whether the country is called “Holland” or “the Netherlands” ends now. Starting this month, the Dutch government announced that the country will always be referred to as the Netherlands, its official name. That means companies, ministries, universities, and embassies will only be able to refer to the country using this legitimate title. … [Read more…]